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Occasional thoughts on wine tastings, digital photography, current events and history, book recommendations, and more.

Welcome to our Bottled Poetry blog. We plan to attempt to make posts to this weblog at least a few times a week. Our focus will be on topics of interest in our daily lives and on things and websites that seem to be particularly interesting and, perhaps, topical to the other comments. Hopefully, this will all tie together sometime as we start writing.

This blog will have the additional twist that we will also use it to document our wine tasting notes on a fairly frequent basis. In fact, the title of this website was borrowed from Robert Louis Stevenson's famous line of poetry in The Silverado Squatters where he says:  "Wine is bottled poetry." Although Stevenson's primary reference was to the elite vineyards of France, we think that it fits for our purposes too. One might ask why we will leaven our other comments with wine tasting notes? In The Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce said it concisely: "Wine, madam, is God's next best gift to man." Wine adds a bit of enjoyment to our life and we'd like to share what we find. Our tasting notes may not be profound but they will be all ours. I guess for the cork dorks out there, this makes this website a wine blog!

This is a companion site to our primary website TheRagens.com. TheRagens.com is our family website with details on our family history where we have found written records. It is also our primary repository for our recommended book lists with a focus on mountaineering and climbing books, our more formal wine tasting events where we comparison taste six or more wines at a time, and our wildlife photos from the San Juan Islands. Over the last three years, we've started to accumulate a pretty good photo album of bald eagle pictures and killer whale pictures in addition to deer, seagulls, turkey vultures and other nature photos.

Take some time and visit. We'd love to get your feedback and comments on our site.

Thank you,

The Ragens

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